Thursday, April 19, 2007

bread success

Last night our RS class was making wheat bread by hand--no mixer allowed. It was a lot of fun. I've never not used my Bosch to mix and knead my bread, so I was proud that it actually turned out not just edible, but delicious. (Confession--I had to make it twice, because the first time I blithely dumped in the entire flour ration, and it turned out to be a stiff, grody mess. The next time I added way less flour, so my dough was nice and elastic.) I've had good luck with the various wheat bread recipes I've used--I think using hard white instead of red wheat might have something to do with it. I remember some sorry loaves of wheat bread I've encountered in my youth, and I'll say no thanks to the leaden, bland, crumbly disasters they were.

The UPS man just delivered our disbudding iron, so we can do that tonight. Should be an adventure, as I'm the only one who's seen it done in real life. It's freaky--you take a red-hot cylindrical tool and burn the horn buds off the goat kid. Yipes! But horns are just too dangerous, for the goats and for us. They may not be quite as friendly with us for a while--we'll see. Currently the goatbabies love me like a second mother, which I think proves the Fias Co Farm lady's belief that goats do not need to be bottle-fed to be friendly toward humans. You just need to spend a lot of time with them.

I've been rubbing Neosporin (well, actually, Kroger-brand knockoff Neosporin) on Blind Edna's eyes, and it seems to have helped immensely. Her left eye appears normal, and her right eye looks almost normal. They were both goopy and swollen almost shut last week, and her right eye looked especially bad--all cloudy and bloodshot. Hopefully it was just an infection and she'll be all right. Then we can go back to calling her Dame Edna.

I've tried to find a local source for soapmaking supplies, and the lye is proving difficult to track down. Thanks, meth-heads! We all appreciate your efforts to further erode our civil liberties. Which, I realize that buying lye isn't an inalienable right, but it's frustrating to not be able to buy a simple product that was used innocently for decades. If they love meth so much, why don't they just get their lye the old-fashioned way? At least they'd be working for it. Jerks. It's similar to raising an animal to slaughter yourself--if people had any idea of the amount of effort it takes to properly raise an animal for food, and how terrible it is to have to butcher it, maybe they wouldn't be so excited about eating meat for every meal.