Thursday, April 26, 2007

easier to buy than sell

We're in a goat pickle. As is often the case with live animals, they are much easier to buy than sell. Since I can't sell any dairy products, we can't possibly keep all of these goats. So we're going to sell everyone but Finola, Catwoman, Tilde, and Captain Stubing. It makes me sad, but we just don't have the room or the money to keep them all. I've put out a sign in the front yard advertising the goats, but no luck yet. We've had some people call and stop by, but no one seems to want them badly enough to buy them. They're a really good deal for registered Nubians, especially ones that have such good genes. If worse comes to worst then we can take them to the auction, people say. But I'd rather not if I can help it--I'd really rather sell them to someone as meat goats than to someone who's going to mistreat or neglect them. Better to have a good life cut short than a miserable long life. And they're such good goats--good mothers and very friendly, except for Violet--she's coming around, but very slowly. She's a great mom, but really doesn't like to be milked. And who can blame her?