Saturday, April 21, 2007

spelunking a goat

Last night we were about to start eating dinner when John looked outside and noticed Violet licking a black goatbaby--I don't know why our goats like to be so sneaky. Finola, Catwoman and Violet all did stealth kiddings on us. We got all our gear and ran outside to make sure everything was okay. The baby was fine, and we did the navel bit, then tried to get her to nurse. She was very uninterested, so we felt her belly, and that is the fattest dang baby tummy I have ever felt so soon after birth. She's definitely her father's daughter--black with white ears. She has some brown on her legs, and looks like a great big woolly bear caterpillar. We named her Nona. Violet is being a great mom. I think it really helped her to see all of the other mamas and babies, so it wasn't a totally freaky experience for her. We're concerned that Violet is retaining a dead kid, because her girl business is red and puffy and inflamed-looking, just like Finola's was. So this morning I got on the shoulder-length glove and stuck my hand up there, but I am a total moron when it comes to knowing the interior ladyparts of goats. I felt around and couldn't find any sort of hole to stick my hand in once it was in there up to the wrist, and I couldn't feel any baby parts in there. We also couldn't feel anything from bouncing Violet, so I guess we've done what we can. She'll probably throw a rotten mass of blood and bones and hair in a few days and then we'll feel terrible. Poor Violet.