Tuesday, May 22, 2007

shine on, you crazy diamond

What does "chucking it" mean to me?

  • living in a rural area
  • letting my children be children, rather than shuttling them back and forth to countless extracurricular activities that they may or may not enjoy
  • understanding that it's important for our bodies to be exposed to germs to build our immune systems (I'm looking at YOU, antibacterial soaps and clothes and sprays and who-knows-what-all)
  • trying to feed my family healthy, locally-grown foods
  • not having a gaming system in my house
  • not plopping my children in front of the TV all day
  • treating animals, whether they be pets or food, with respect
  • knowing some of the vanishing skills that include cooking, baking bread, canning and cheesemaking (and possibly soapmaking--we'll see how that goes)
  • not getting all wiggety-wack about this stuff, and understanding that even small efforts will help, and extremism is dangerous
What does "chucking it" mean to the people who drive past my house?
  • hamburger and other food wrappers
  • soda cups
  • beer cans
  • gloves
  • sports paraphernalia
  • empty bags
  • Powerade bottles full of urine
I know, right?

What should we do about the feral cat who has adopted our garage and had a litter of kittens in it? Call animal control? Shoot her? I don't want to take the chance of her biting our cat or our kids and giving them rabies or some other stupid thing. For now we've moved Aebleskiver's food and water into the house to hopefully drive her back to where she came from. Grrr.


highdeekay said...

I like your definition better than theirs. Now that Phil is done teaching for the summer he is privy to the amount of time a child takes. After expressing appropriate awe at my mothering he added, "hoe does Layne do all this AND care for goats too?" You amaze us!