Thursday, June 21, 2007

pause for a moment

We've been very busy having a baby at our house. She is beautiful and suffers from day/night confusion, just like all babies.

The tomatoes are growing like crazy, the spinach and lettuce have officially gone feral, and the melons and squash are healthy and happy--and not eaten by squash bugs yet. I wonder if we'll get a melon worth eating. Our growing season is a little too short for melons to really thrive, but a home-grown melon is such a joy.

We're going to take some of the goats to the livestock auction, since nobody seems to want to buy dairy goats in this area. Call it a lesson learned. This fall we're going to breed the does to a Boer buck, then we'll have our meat supply for next year--hopefully. We're going to slaughter a couple of them to see what the meat is like, which is sad, but necessary.

Monday, June 11, 2007

what has transpired

Today I took the kids to a nearby water park. Three of my sisters came too--thank goodness they were there. I felt very ready to be done by the end of the afternoon. All that stomping around on cement is not easy on a nine-months-pregnant body. It was a lot of fun, and all three of the boys loved it. I'm thankful that our kids all love the water. Grant and Emmett are a couple of crispity crunchety lobster children, even though I put sunscreen on them. I should have done a second coat at lunchtime, but I am a bad mother and forgot.

This morning was a hectic mess trying to get ready to go, and of course Emmett picked today to have a battle of wills over what was being served for breakfast. We were out of milk, which, how do you run out of milk when you're milking 4 goats, but somehow we did, which meant that he couldn't have brown sugar and milk on his oatmeal, and had to have applesauce and cinnamon. Which is evidently poisonous. So I set my course for the celestial kingdom back by about 20 years this morning, what with the threats and the yelling and the spanking. Everyone was bawling at one point, but eventually he rallied and ate a goodly portion of his horrifying mush. It's our fault, because we've had the kids out far too late for far too many nights in the recent past, and of course that's going to affect their behavior. But in spite of the terrible beginning, we all had a great day, and they all got to bed on time tonight, and will hopefully sleep in until 9:00 tomorrow morning, just to take the edge off.

Our soap is cured and we've started using it--so far I really like it. John was concerned that the fragrance would give him a headache, but it hasn't, and he hasn't gotten a rash, which he often does from soap. I gave a bar of it to my mom, but she's been keeping it in her car because she likes how nice it smells. She said she wants to buy another bar from me so she can have one to use. That makes me feel happy that it's at least not a crashing disaster. So maybe I'll be able to sell it at the little shop down the road. Probably no one will buy it, just like no one will buy our goats.

Last Saturday we visited my grandma in Grace. She's run a cattle ranch most of her life, with the only consistent help coming from one of my uncles. She's quite a woman. She seems a lot more spry than she did the last time we visited--maybe because it's still the beginning of summer and she hasn't been run ragged yet by all of her house guests, because cattle rancher or not, she's getting on in years, and there are a few people who don't seem to grasp that. So whenever we visit we try to make her life a little easier, by doing such uncommon things as bringing a lot of food with us and cleaning up after ourselves. Kooky vittles.

Friday is baby day, unless our doctor changes his mind and says I'm not close enough. I'm just way too sick of being pregnant, and this way John will get two full weekends at home before he has to get back to the family history mines. So I'm being induced after all, even though I sort of wanted to see what it was like to go into labor on my own. We still haven't decided on a name, because I like grandma names, and John like names that people have actually heard before. I guess we'll see what she looks like when she comes out. In which case I guess she'll be named Bald Red Screamer.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

the art and science of keeping a house from falling down around your ears

I've been tagged by Heidi for a great meme that, as I was reading it, I was figuring out what my answers would be. So yay for us all! And also, I'll be DARNED if I'm going to not fill it out now that my honor has been challenged!

  • Aprons- yes or no? If yes, what does your favorite look like?
    • Yes, although you wouldn't be able to tell from the mess I always have all over me--partly due to the pregnant belly. My favorite apron is one I made from a tea towel with fruit on it. It's my Sunday-go-to-meeting apron.
  • Bake-What's your favorite thing to bake?
    • bread and chocolate chip cookies
  • Clothesline- yes or no?
    • I grew up with a clothesline, and I like the idea of one, but like Heidi, I take issue with the crispiness
  • Donuts- have you ever made them?
    • nope
  • Every day-Name one homemaking thing you do every day.
    • cook meals
  • Freezer-Do you have a separate deep freeze?
    • Yes, thank goodness. We also have an extra fridge that came with the house, so we're as rich as Nazis.
  • Garbage disposal- yes or no?
    • yes, but we give most scraps to the chickens
  • Handbook- what is your favorite homemaking resource?
    • probably the internets
  • Ironing- do you love it or hate it?
    • neither--I don't do it that often, but I don't mind it
  • Junk drawer- yes or no? Where is it?
    • Try junk room. Or rooms. The office, John's side of the bed in our bedroom, the top of our dresser, the kitchen counters, and one of the basement bedrooms. Lots of clutter, but not dirtiness. I can't, what with the drinking of the raw goat milk and the making of the cheese.
  • Kitchen-What is your kitchen color and decorating scheme?
    • Our walls are cream and avocadoish. Our cabinets are knotty alder, and our floor is currently a mix of untreated wood, tarpaper, linoleum, plywood, and two layers of vinyl. Someday the floor will be a green and white check pattern like a cafeteria.
  • Love- What is your favorite part of homemaking?
    • cooking (including baking and cheesemaking)
  • Mop- yes or no?
    • yes, but not very often since the kitchen floor became The Project That Ate Our Family
  • Nylons- wash by hand or in the washing machine?
    • washing machine, of course
  • Pizza-What do you put on your pizza?
    • veggies
  • Quiet- what do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
    • nap, read or mess around online--we call it "town stuff" at our house
  • Recipe card box- yes or no? What does it look like?
    • clear with a yellow lid, but I rarely use it
  • Style-What style is your house?
    • Craftsman, white with a red brick porch
  • Tablecloths and napkins- yes or no?
    • tablecloths and cloth napkins for guests, bare table and paper napkins the rest of the time
  • Under the kitchen sink- is it organized or toxic wasteland?
    • organized, because most of the toxic stuff is in the cabinet above the dryer
  • Vacuum-how many times per week?
    • maybe once
  • Wash- how many loads of laundry do you do per week?
    • probably around 5 or 6
  • X's- do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off?
    • no--that's why I never get anything useful done
  • Yard- yes or no? Who does what?
    • A great big yard with troublesome old grass, huge bushes and spruce trees, only not in a place where they provide any shade. John mows, and I do all the gardening, flower and veg.
  • Zzzz's- what is your last homemaking task for the day before going to bed?
    • sometimes dishes, sometimes throwing a load in the washer or dryer