Wednesday, October 31, 2007

everybody scream . . . everybody SCREAM

We're taking the boys trick-or-treating tonight. Grant is a pirate, Emmett is a skeleton, and Ike is a chicken. We have refused to comply with the Trunk-or-Treat directive, so we'll be driving along the highway courting disaster, and then if we have time we'll run over to Bear River and hit the houses of like-minded people. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you're going to be eating that much candy, you'd darn well better work for it. And where's the fun in wandering up and down the halls of the church and getting candy dumped into your sack? It's not dark, it's not cold, it's not spooky. It's like on Christmas when parents find themselves forcing their children to stop enjoying the present that was just opened and move on to opening the next one. Don't be grateful for what you have! Let's shower you with garbage until you don't know the value of anything! We joke about that, but our blossoming awareness of how ridiculous we sounded, coupled with my increasing annoyance with how destructive our wild boys are, compounded with my desire to dispose of broken junk in a vain attempt to declutter our house, has resulted in far fewer toys in specific, and presents in general, being given on Christmas.

Finola is outside just yelling her head off. She's got to be in heat, because she has been going MAAA MAAA MAAA MAAA MAAA since yesterday afternoon. She's insane. Well, she's just going to have to wait until next time, because we can't be worrying about moving a buck in right now. We're busy getting candy! Kitty wants some candy!

We bought two matching fussy old lady chairs from the DI for our living room. I'm afraid I may have skewed my decorating scheme a little over to the "too much old used stuff" side, but I hate buying new things when the old ones have so much more personality. I think once I get a brown-toned rug and some brown-toned pillows for the chairs (which are blue), it might start to look a little more put-together and less regurgitated. I definitely need more modern touches, to add some straight lines here and there. I'm trying to find a pair of lamps that are modern, but not too minimalist and corner-y. One of my favorite new magazines is Domino, partly because it has fun representations of higgledy-piggledy decorating styles, and partly because it makes me laugh about how much stupid people will spend on stupid things. I wonder at what point it becomes unremarkable to spend upwards of $2000 each on a pair of sconces to flank the $1700 mirror in your hallway. Or $200 on half a cup of "hair repair serum." Hee.


highdeekay said...

Awesome. Loved the pics of Willa too - thanks.