Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I have seen the future . . . and it is unreliable

Yesterday I asked John if we could please buy a wagon and a team of horses. It seems that our technology wishes to shake off the chains of servitude, and it has all gone kerplooey. Because everyone loves lists, here is a list of things that have either gone on the fritz or completely failed in the recent past:

Charlie Tuna (our family car)
the Subaru (multiple times)
the DVD player
the wireless internet
the phone
the microwave

Frust. I'm closer to a technophile than a technophobe, but I am irritated when things don't work properly. Because my life is so hard, right?

On the brighter side, we have had gorgeous weather the past couple of days, and I can spend more time outside doing yard work. I bought a saw from Smith and Edwards so I can start my horrible hack job of pruning the lilacs. They are crazygonuts, and I've been unable to make much headway using my bypass loppers. I think that a good pruning would really help to rejuvenate them for next spring. The manure pile continues to mock me, but I have gotten three nice big piles of it dumped into the garden spot. I'm sure our neighbors are very thankful. Although, when I was talking to Orvil in church the other day I told him that I had been putting manure over in the garden, and he asked if I had a good source for manure. I was like, "Umm, yeah. Right behind my house? The goats?" I told him that we had tons, if he wants any. It comes in handy pellet form! Of course, it's not really in pellet form by the time we get to it, because it's all been mashed and mixed with urine (yum!) and hay.