Sunday, November 18, 2007

green is the new black

I'm getting a little tired of "Green" being shoehorned into every avenue. I admit that it's nice to have more products available that are all earth-loving, but I hate that no one seems to be able to act responsibly until Hollywood in its infinite wisdom and knowledge gets involved. NBC with its execrable "green programming" week is a particularly egregious example. I loved the episodes of 30 Rock and The Office, but that's talented writing, not green writing. Anyhoodle, back to the glitterati and their fat mouths--aren't they responsible for more than their fair share of the hideous waste and conspicuous consumption that goes on? If people would just not be irresponsible slobs in the first place . . .

And why is it newsworthy that Christians are saying "God is Green?" What Christian--or any other religious person--wouldn't already believe that? Why would anyone who believes in a Supreme Being want to take the beautiful home He gave us and turn it into a pigsty?

It's all just a little too self-congratulatory for me. So shut up, everyone. Stop being pigs, and then don't go yelling about how great you are when you do. Unless people ask, and then go ahead and proselyte a little bit. I think I probably need to heed my own advice, because I often find myself lecturing about why Chucking It is the best way of life, but I hope I don't come off as self-righteous as some people *cough* Al Gore *cough* do.

The buck is here. He stinks so much, you have no idea. And he truly is a very different kettle of fish--even the way he moves is violent, whether he's angry or not. He puts his front hooves up on the fence so he can get a better look at what's going on out in the yard, and he looks like a coiled spring, like he could launch over the 5-foot fence at any moment. Thankfully he's in there with 5 lovely does who have grudgingly accepted him into their fold for the time being, so he's not interested in leaving the goat pen.

I got my first seed catalog this week--it must be winter! I despair of ever being able to grow a fruit tree, since that's the first thing the goats go for whenever they escape. Our apple tree is still in okay shape, but it needs to grow a good many secondary branches on the south side to compensate for the eaten primary branch. And the apricot tree is an out-and-out failure. Maybe we can try grape vines. They're fast and easy, and maybe my lovely parents would be willing to help us build a trellis. I hate asking them to help us with anything because they're so busy, and they already have done so much, but I'm selfish enough that I do it anyway. I need to get my graph paper and write some good plans for how to organize and landscape our yard so we don't make a confused mess of it all. I'd like a bunch of native fruity trees to go along the back property line, some nice big shade trees, a pasture, a barn, some other outbuildings, the basement bathroom finished, a treadmill, double ovens, a new car for John . . . probably some world peace, too. For reals, though, making a house your own is a simultaneously joyful and vexing process. I hope that it's a good long time before Honeyville gets so populated that we have to move because they're putting the new highway through our living room, and that when they do the county pays us enough for our property that we can afford to move our house to a different location. I LOVE THIS HOUSE. I love everything about it, except for the usability problems of the basement, and we could fix that if we moved it onto a different foundation!

So, John's car. It went kaboom on Friday night, something related to the last time it went kaboom, and John's getting pretty sick of taking it back to be "fixed." But as Dave Ramsey says, we could expect as much now that we're debt-free except for our house. The oven is going out, too. We're hoping that with our mileage reimbursements and Charlie Tuna's no-longer-necessary car payments we can afford a good commuter car before too long.

Things Chucking It that I did this week:

  • made a chicken/turkey pot pie from scratch with our turkey leftovers (with top AND bottom crusts, which is the only true and proper way)
  • cleaned the DI chairs I bought for our living room
  • got new lamps for the living room, but made do with the existing side tables
  • put off buying a new rug and pillows until I make sure I really want them and can fit them into our budget
  • did the animal chores every day
Don't tell John, but next week I'm going to take a sledgehammer and knock down the shelves in our toy room downstairs to prepare it for our boys to move their bedroom down there. Ha! I make the jokes. I totally already told him, and I think we have agreed that he doesn't like the idea, but realizes I'm going to do it anyway. And I think he unwillingly agrees that the boys would really be better off down there. And they want to be downstairs, so there you have it.


highdeekay said...

I LOVE your posts! Can't wait to see you soon.