Thursday, December 13, 2007

for eating

Things Chucking It I've done today:

  • made baguettes
  • made corn and crab chowder
  • taken real cookies (not Lofthouse, JOHN) to the women I visit/teach
  • fed, watered and grained the goats
I saw the piece they did on bread in this month's Martha Stewart Living, and decided to give the baguettes a shot. I was pretty apprehensive, because the bread I make is nothing fancy, and this required a weird kneading method that I'm pretty sure I did all wrong. You're supposed to pick up the sticky dough and toss one end onto the counter, then pull the other end toward yourself. Rinse, repeat for 8-10 minutes. But my dough wouldn't stretch the way it was supposed to--it was way too stiff. I suppose using Lehi Mill flour instead of King Arthur might have affected it. I know that once you get into serious baking that it's a very delicate and mercurial process, easily affected by many factors. Thankfully the baguettes turned out delicious, despite my hamhandedness, with crispy crust and chewy innards, just like they're supposed to.
Marie! The baguettes!

The chowder was supposed to have just crab in it, but I added clams, because I figured it already had clam juice, and it was tasting pretty bland. I used soy milk, but it turned out great anyway. It would have been better with crab instead of krab, but Smith's didn't get their crab in on time, so we had to make do.
sucky picture, yummy soup

I bought some army surplus wool blankets from Smith and Edward's to use as rugs and throws. Wool is some itchy stuff, but it's so warm. We'll be laughing all the way to the not-freezing-to-death-bank if it ever comes to that.


Nate, Claire & Norah said...

That looks so GOOD! I want the recipe for that chowder. Nate loves chowdery things and I know I would LOVE it. I'm excited to make gingerbread houses with you tonight!