Wednesday, December 19, 2007

at least it was quick . . . oh, wait . . .

I'm a mur-diddly-urd-ler. Tonight I was driving home on Highway 38 (like an idiot, you'll see why) and instead of going 40 like I should have been, especially as a longtime resident of this area (again, you'll see why), I was going 50 (5 mph below the speed limit) so I could get home and get my sister off to my dad's Christmas party. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a family of deer, one of which I HIT, SENDING HER FLYING DOWN THE ROAD where she struggled for a few minutes, then expired. I feel awful. If only I hadn't been going so fast, maybe I could have stopped before I hit her. Such a waste of life, even if they do seem to lie in wait to cross the road until the exact moment at which they're most likely to be hit. I'm particularly bothered by the fact that she didn't die immediately, that she had to lie there in pain until her body finally gave up. I wasn't hurt, nor were the frillion jars of baby food that were causing me to be late in the first place. The policeman who was dispatched to take care of my mess said that they get about one deer a night in this county. I helped him pull her off the road, and she felt just like one of our goats. Now she'll probably go out to the bird refuge to feed the carrion birds, so I guess I can be all Mufasa about the whole thing.

Our car is brokus from the deer, so that's something to take care of. See? These are the things that happen when you get out of debt. Actually, we were very lucky that it wasn't a lot worse. The front grill is ripped out, but there is no damage to the gooey innards of the car, so we can drive it over the holidays and not have to figure out a way to haul all these people.

We have a ballpark estimate of what it will take to put a bathroom downstairs, and it isn't pretty. But I think we'll be able to do it, once we take care of the little setbacks that our broken cars are giving us.

I'm making sweet potatoes--again--for Christmas dinner at the Huffs'. I hope people don't get sick of them, because I certainly don't. One of the nice things about them is that they're easily made dairy- and gluten-free, which is a necessity at this meal. It seems like such a joyless and restrictive diet to me--I can barely take the dairy-free way while I'm breastfeeding. But then I guess you console yourself with all the fruits, veggies and meat that you can get your hands on. I'd rather eat a steak than a hamburger any day.


Matt and Emily said...

Bummer about the deer. I'm glad your car is still working. And thanks for the awesome sweet potatoes and the steaks a few days later- those were some good eats. And by the way, I love the muddy boy picture- Is that Ike?