Sunday, December 9, 2007

more boring yak yak

To Do/Wants/Needs List:

  • hay
  • completed breeding of buck to does
  • gravel/bark in chicken run
  • new tarp over chicken run
  • chicken coop cleaned out
  • storage room cleaned out
  • serger
  • treadmill
  • TV
Justification for items on said list:
  • not moldy, because we have plenty of that already
  • we need meat and milk next year
  • stepping in Lake Chicken Poo is getting old
  • being wet is sad for chickens
  • stinky
  • downstairs bathroom needed
  • to make re-usable shopping bags (out of the jeans that the D.I. is too good to take)
  • to enable me to exercise and train for a 5K, because I am a wimp
  • I can't make myself use a treadmill unless I can watch some stories
see what I mean about the mold?

This week I made a bag out of an old pair of John's jeans. It's no beauty, but it will work, and the handles, they will not come off. So that's one less plastic bag to be added to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Marvel at my affection for Mother Gaia! For reals, though, even as wasteful as I am, I have a hard time throwing away a pair of jeans with nothing wrong but holey knees. And I've been wanting canvas shopping bags for a while, so . . . happy jean bags to me.

We bought a big ol' box of oranges from Lee's the other night. Ten bucks to prevent scurvy for the foreseeable future? Sign me up! Now the problem is where to store it. We have that nice big fruit room downstairs, but it's heated like the rest of the house, so it's not a great place to store potatoes or onions or oranges. For now the oranges live in the office, also referred to as Lesser Junk Mountain. (Greater Junk Mountain is our entire property, because we're really not much better than squatters.) Hold the phone. My husband with his giant, juicy chess club brain just reminded me that we can just close the vent in the fruit room. This is why I married him.

I've once again staved off the purchase of a recycled dog. I've noticed that my relapses are becoming more frequent, and this concerns me, because I know that I don't want a real dog, just an imaginary and therefore well-behaved one.


Nate, Claire & Norah said...

Thanks for the oranges, they are really good. It was fun to play guitar hero with you this weekend.