Friday, December 7, 2007

winter prep at baba capra

Because we live in what is currently a temperate zone, there are some things required to get our hippie mudhole ready for winter. We have to use Dame Electricity to help us out in keeping the animals' water thawed, and both of the devices we use specifically state not to plug them into extension cords. Unfortunately, the extension cords are a necessity at our house, since we don't have the goats and chickens living inside the house, and that would make the non-freeze appliances useless, so there you go. Hopefully we won't start the . . . ground, I guess . . . on fire with our reckless disregard of safety instructions.

the goat water bucket

the chicken water thingy--it's the upside-down cake pan-looking thing

Lately I've had to go out with the kids in the morning to do the chores, since we have discovered that, like many children, they just wander around outside until they think it's been long enough, then come back in and say they've done their chores. The goats are narcs, though, and we found out pretty soon what was going on. Turns out they're the kind of goats you have to feed every day. I've enjoyed being out there with the kids (and by kids I meant Captain America, because The Hulk is going through some sort of chore-avoidance phase), because it's so quiet outside, and it's fun to be working together. John is going to have a "take your kid to work" day every now and then. That's something that a lot of kids miss out on these days, now that they don't have to plow and plant and drive the silage truck when they're three. Working in a cube farm won't be as interesting, since it's unlikely that Daddy will get his arm torn off by a baler, but they'll have a better idea of what John does all day to keep our family in the lap of plenty, if not luxury.

Just today I fit into the pants I was wearing once I lost all my Superman baby weight (and before I got pregnant with Pinga), which tells me at least two things:
  • I was super fat before I got pregnant
  • I had no idea how MUCH I was eating
Now, the weight hasn't melted off or some silly thing, but this is the fastest I've ever lost my baby weight, except with Captain America. I may actually be a normal size by the time Willa is a year old. So no wonder America is dying of fatness! We have no idea what and how much we're supposed to be eating! And even when we do know we have no discipline. And we're surrounded by frankenfoods like margarine and egg substitute. I subscribe to the same point of view as John's mom--she refuses to believe that eggs are bad for you. Here, take this chemical cocktail and fry it up in a pan that you've greased with another chemical cocktail--it's totally better for you than these whole, pure, unadulterated foods that came straight from their source with nary a test tube in between! Stupid Cooking Light and their frillion-ingredient (many of which are Not Found in Nature) recipes. They're improving, but they're still too fake for me. I'd rather have the real thing and eat less of it, which I'm slowly learning to do. Hey, I may not clean my house, but I clean my plate!