Tuesday, January 29, 2008

gDiapering the Woo: an essay in photos

Here is the gDiapers starter kit, displayed by the handsome Superman.

It includes 2 pants, 4 liners and 10 flushable inserts. Also a Handy User's Guide, which you will definitely need.

The test subject is prepped for gDiapering.

Lay the gDiaper out flat, with the 'g' in the back. (At this time there is no insert in the liner--I was trying to do too many things at once.)

Attach the velcro tabs, making sure to fit the elasticized inner liner VERY snugly into the crease between the test subject's legs and groin, so it will form a seal to keep the stuff in--otherwise you will get eversomany leaks.
A gDiapered baby!

When preparing the other pair of gpants for the next changing, make sure to tuck all the edges into the liner.

This is a cute little baby bottom.

I've used the gDiapers for a few days now, and I like them pretty well. The first day she leaked out of every diaper, but I called gDiapers the next morning , and the very polite woman told me to make sure to really get the liner tucked in snugly, which has helped immensely. No more leaks since then, even with a poopy diaper this morning--I just put her in a clean one, then dumped the poop in the toilet and tossed the insert. The learning curve is wicked steep, though, since putting on disposables is automatic for me, and I really have to concentrate when I'm doing this. I think that will improve over time, when I get more used to it. The little pants are like a backwards diaper--it's to keep little hands from pulling them off. Anyway, I like them enough that John is picking up the large case of refills for me when he goes to rehearsal. She looks so cute in the little pants, they don't leak if you make sure to put them on correctly, and they biodegrade so fast (I'm trusting them on this one). I would recommend them to anyone who is willing to take a fairly small loss in convenience for a substantial gain in earth lovin'. But I say again, wedge that elastic liner in good.


Jill said...

Cool! I like the stylish look to your new "green diapers" So "green" can keep the "brown" and "yellow" in! If I ever need diapers again. I will refer to this blog for all my training.

{Quellie} said...

Those look pretty cool. I had never heard of them before!How is life in sunny, er, I mean snowy Utah?!

Layne said...

Seriously, so much snow. It's like we really live in Utah all of a sudden.

All8 said...

Way to go!!

P.S. Jealous of the snow. We get some but it doesn't seem to hang around too long.