Tuesday, January 8, 2008

gonna dig me a hole . . . gonna put a lift tank to pump out the effluent in it . . .

Well, Ghetto Bathroom Phase 1 has begun. Our plumber came today and we discussed layout and need for other subcontractors, then he and his son got their tear-through-concrete machine and went to work. When they were done there was a good-sized "dinosaur trap," as they called it. It's so exciting! I'm hoping that the guy they recommended for the other work will be willing to build a furniture-style base for our marble vanity top, because that is not the kind of crazy that John and I are interested in buying. Imagine if you will the embarrassing monstrosity we would cobble together with his anal-retentive measuring and my impetuous refusal to learn from example.

That's the hole for the lift tank, since the bathroom is below the septic tank. You can also see John's feet, one of which is throbbing in pain from the ingrown toenail he had removed today by his brother Daniel, a superfabuloso podiatrist.

The goats are all super-furry in their winter coats and they still insist on pooping. It's frustrating to have all that fertilizer stacked knee-deep after such a short time, because we can't really use so much of it. Recurring topic #2: we need to fence in the pasture so they'll spread the wealth a little. Which leads to recurring topic #3: we need a dog to keep the goats where they're supposed to be. We don't need them wandering around the neighborhood jimmying car doors or anything. That reminds me--there was some random pygmy goat that got loose shortly before Christmas and was running all over the place trying to get hit by cars. Finally Animal Control caught him after he'd been out all night terrorizing everyone. Not that we got to read about it in the paper, which is a shame. We don't need to get all Promontory News on everybody, but I wish there were more details about what's been happening in the community, not just city council meetings. But I don't want the job of writing it, so I guess there you go.


Jill said...

Hey Layne. John just informed me of your blog. I know it will provide hours of entertainment for me! I have a blog too if you want to check it out.
I am new to blogging, but it's still fun. Good luck with your hole! Technically, it's a bathroom now...just bring in extra dirt for burying purposes.

Nate, Claire & Norah said...

How fun that you guys are building a new bathroom. I like how you put wallpaper on your blog. You should teach me how to do that.

Layne said...

Hee! That's some good thinking, Jill.