Tuesday, January 22, 2008

it tastes like burning

Recent adventures in Eschewing Convenience Foods and Cooking For Ourselves (even thought that's what we've always done, it sounds more dramatic when described thusly) include chili and french bread.

The chili was a vegetarian chili of exceeding hotness. I bought pasilla peppers and did this crazy thing that everyone's talking about (you know, in 1998)--broiling them in the oven! Then I skinned and diced them and foolishly added all three to the pot of chili. Now, insanity peppers they were not, and anyone with their chili merit badge would have handed us our rear ends in a paper sack, but it was too much for our baby mouths. The flavor was good, but both John and I had difficulty finishing ours, and the kids were repulsed. The leftovers went to the same place that all unloved leftovers go, so if you see one of our chickens exclaiming in dismay over the burning sensation left by laying an egg, you'll know why.

See how it's glowing and making that throbbing wouhm-wouhm-wouhm noise? That's the spent nuclear fuel rod I added towards the end.

The french bread was more successful. It wasn't complicated or time-consuming, but I suspect that's because I made a wussy recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. I bet if I used a real recipe it would have me making a starter out of fairy wings and unicorn breath, which I would then have to put into the belly of a Fu Dog to proof until the moon was in the sign of Mercury. But my lazy-man's french bread turned out yummy anyway, and tonight we're going to make an awesome sandwich involving scrambled eggs and leftover pot roast.


Nate, Claire & Norah said...

Too bad I didn't stay long enough to try some. It looks yummy, though.