Tuesday, January 1, 2008

now comes the boring part of winter

This is the first post-Christmas week in which I have not felt guilty about all the unnecessary gewgaws we wasted our money on. We did it just right this year, I'd say. We got up and did chores, then ate a little bit of breakfast (we thought they probably needed some roughage in their tums to help insulate them against sugar shock), and then we opened presents. The boys each got a pair of cowboy boots (sigh), Grant and Emmett got art supplies, and they all got some mini cereal boxes. It was nice to have Christmas in our own house. John got me a clock radio that projects the time onto the wall, so now I don't have to roll halfway out of our rameumptom bed to see what time Ike has come wandering upstairs to ask us what color the lights are.

This month's project will be cleaning out the room downstairs so we can turn it into a Current Bathroom instead of a Future Bathroom. It's a little full.

In the foreground you can see the grody mattresses that John insists we keep.

I'm excited to have another bathroom to clean! Really, though, it will be good to have a spot so the boys don't have to make the long trek upstairs in the night to eliminate--or vomit, when it comes to that. Think of the barf trail on the stairs!