Wednesday, February 6, 2008

almost done, I promise

I just wanted to say that it's frustrating to live in a state that doesn't matter, "where Mormons live and news stories go to die." But that's the price you pay for living in a place where everybody's not all up in each other's business. And I'd rather live where I can spread out a bit and have some autonomy. All8's comment on my last post made me think about how we as a nation seem to want the government to babysit us. It reminds me of nothing more than that classic--dare I say prophetic?--Simpsons episode where Homer runs for Sanitation Commissioner on the platform of "Can't Somebody Else Do It?", wins handily, and proceeds to turn the entire town into a festering heap of garbage. This is what happens when people abdicate their responsibilities and give government powers it should never have, because they're either too confused, too lazy, or too stupid to do the job themselves.


All8 said...

Do you feel like the Republican party is just cleaning out the closets? Thinning out the herd, in preparation for the next election. They know that this election is a wash so lets shake off the baggage and get ready for next time.

The sense of entitlement is so thick here in America. It catches me off guard sometimes.

Layne said...

I said that too, but then my mom said, "Do you know how many bigots there are out there?!"

BTW--I'm linking to you, too, if that's okay.