Thursday, February 14, 2008

feel that? that's the feeling of stagnant air

Our windows came today! Not all of them are in, but the installers said they should be able to finish tomorrow at around 2:00. Our house is already noticeably warmer--I can tell because I'm sitting on the couch in the parlor, and I can't feel any air whatsoever blowing past me. Also it only took the gas fireplace about half an hour to reach 72 degrees, instead of 2 hours like it usually does. The installers are way less skeevy than the measuring guy, which is a relief. After the measuring guy came I told John that we needed either a dog or a gun. Instead he opted to work from home today. Hmmph. I thought for sure I'd finally get my face-chewing dog.

My kitchen window opens now, so instead of banging on the window and gesticulating wildly I can simply open the window and shout "GET OFF THE CAR!"

We have our salt supply for throughout the rapture and beyond, cleverly disguised as objets d'art in our living room. It's genuine Redmond salt, which I am supposed to be giving to our goats, but I am selfish and I like how they look in my house.

I licked it, and it's real-no-foolin' salt.

The weather is devilish cold, and the wind blows ever so, and today there was a snowdrift completely covering the goats' water bucket. Stupid wind. When I have a windmill, then you may offer your services.


All8 said...

YAH, for new windows!!! I can't wait until we buy and build and I can forgo the kiss of the winter wind, inside. ;D

Claire said...

I read the rest of the article about child labor and that mean man. That's really sad. I am glad you finally got your new windows! We came to visit you on Saturday, but you weren't home. Sorry for being rude to you. I was just teasing.

Jill said...

Nice windows. It will make it much easier when Mike and I spy on you guys.