Tuesday, February 12, 2008

why I shouldn't read

This week in You Stay Classy, World:

Forbes: Child Labor
Not only does Monsanto create frankenseeds about which they will successfully sue you if your normal seed is cross-pollinated by theirs, but they also, oh, let's say hire, children to do the work , because they "have small fingers, and so they can remove the buds very quickly." Additionally, says this man with no self-awareness, "They worked fast, much faster than the adults, and put in longer hours and didn't demand long breaks. Plus, I could shout at them and beat or threaten them if need be to get more work out of them." Read the rest of the article here.

I may have more to nag about later, once I've read the rest of our periodicals. I will update if necessary.


Claire said...

It seems your blog has morphed into a political blog rather than a "chucking it" blog. I still enjoy hearing your political views, though. Too bad you have abandoned my blog. I know I haven't put up anything that interesting, but in my defense our camera has run out of batteries. I hope those sugar cookies turned out. I know you're just trying to prove that you're the better cook...

All8 said...

I despise Monsanto!!! The list of their infractions is long and lengthening. GGGrrrrrrr.