Sunday, February 3, 2008

fixing a hole where the rain doesn't get in because it's in the basement

Work continues apace on our house, and by "apace" I mean "not apace." I had to get some emotional distance from the floor for a few days, but I'm ready to go again. You can see from this picture that I've been able to exercise my will upon a tiny part of the floorboards, despite the slivers. Concerning the basement bathroom, we found a kitchen island at Ikea that I think--I hope--we can use to mount the sink, if we just assemble it without the top. For the toilet John has his heart set on the "900 grams per flush" toilet, as he calls it. Now, here comes the poo talk, so any of you who think you might giggle can wait out in the hall until we're done. John's parents have a toilet in their basement dubbed "The Banshee." This is the favorite toilet of John and all his brothers, because they are really big boys, and The Banshee is equal to the task--in fact, were one to remain seated during the flush, one might be turned inside out. A toilet with the same skill set as The Banshee is required at our house, and the upstairs toilet is a lazy thing which has to be plunged daily.

Here is the lift tank, all installed. It has to stay uncovered so maintenance can be done when necessary.

Here is the channel they carved into the cement--all the pipes are covered up now. Nearest is the shower drain, then the sink, then the toilet.

The pile of dirt is way bigger now.

Hopefully this next week we'll get the shower drain glued, the cement done, the shower framed and the estimate for the cultured marble in the shower. Then we'll buy the toilet and sink table. Then I think it will be sort of a bathroom!