Tuesday, March 4, 2008

buying, gestating, lying fallow

what the bags look like

they are 10 bags for $15.99

We got our re-usable shopping bags yesterday. I gave up on the idea of sewing my own out of old jeans, even though it makes me feel guilty to throw them away. But the D.I. is too good for holey jeans now, like, what is their problem? I guess next they'll be telling us they don't want dead batteries and half-empty cans of paint. Anyhoo, I don't have time to turn them into a denim quilt, even though I'd like to. And I can't really justify buying a serger just to make some bags. So I created some waste to eliminate other waste. This is where I just have to decide that I've done what I could do for now and let go. Chucking it!

We're about a month and a half away from Baby Goat Season--the anticipation is killing me! Well, I guess not killing. Causing moderate interest is more precise. This will be the most babies we've ever had, and the most does I've ever milked. I hope I can keep up. I'll tell you one thing, if Catwoman doesn't have better output this year, she's getting culled. And I'm sure it's going to be a wrestling match just getting Tilde to the milking stand--she's a freaking lab monkey. And I hope that Finola has a better kidding than last year. She was so sad when her babies died. So much to think about. I'll post some pictures of the whole process, because I know how everyone likes to see the miracle of life! Yum.

Our garden seeds are here as well. I was overzealous in my ordering, just like I always am, so we'll see if I actually plant all the things I want to. The main things are peas, greens, tomatoes and squash. Anything else I get in the ground will be, if not a miracle, at least a surprise. I'm taking Emily's advice and growing some onions this year for sure, though.


All8 said...

I always buy more seeds than necessary too. I look at it as in investment in the future, you know, just in case I can't buy more next year. ;D (Hey, it helps me sleep at night.) I wish onion seed lasted longer than one year though. :{

Can't wait to see your babies.

Matt and Emily said...

Awesome about the onions. We just barely used the last few like a week ago it was awesome & they were so good. Where did you buy your seeds from? Do you like that better than going to a nursery?

Layne said...

Oh, not necessarily, it's just that seed catalogs arrive in winter, and I like thinking about summer then. I get mine from Burpee, or Gurney's or Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. But tomatoes and suchlike I get as plants from the nursery.