Friday, March 28, 2008

my mouth tastes sick

How do I hate thee, Crest Pro-Health, Clean Mint flavor? Let me count the ways:

  1. You taste like brushing my teeth with stale lemon root beer.
  2. When I am done brushing my teeth, my mouth literally feels no cleaner, to the point that I often can't remember whether or not I've actually brushed--BOO!
Okay, so that's only 2. But they are both deal-breakers. BUT. I called Procter & Gamble (I always want to spell it like a test proctor) to complain about the manky toothpaste, and the toady with whom I spoke apologized very nicely and sent me a coupon for free replacement toothpaste. So yay, I guess.

What we ate last night:
Yogurt-glazed chicken thighs, orzo and broiled asparagus. Super good, and super easy. Get some plain yogurt (confession: I had no plain yogurt, only raspberry and lemon, so I went with lemon, and it turned out okay) and mix a little cumin, coriander, curry, and salt and pepper into it--probably about 1/2 tsp of each of the spices, S & P to taste, in about a half cup of yogurt. Brush the chicken (I used the boneless, skinless thighs that come in giant bags from Costco--yeah, it's more expensive, but it saves huge amounts of time) with the yogurt and let it sit while you're preheating the oven. Then pop the chicken in and let it bake--45 minutes at 375* for me. About 20 minutes before the chicken is done, start heating the water for the pasta. Cook it according to the package directions. With 10 minutes to go, clean and cut the bottom 2 inches or so from the asparagus (just leave it in the rubber band and cut it all at once), stick it in a single layer on a cookie sheet, drizzle it in olive oil and rub it all around so all the spears get covered, then season with kosher salt and fresh-ground pepper. When the chicken is done, stick the asparagus under the broiler for a few minutes. Turn it once or twice, and cook it until it's tender and has nice brown blisters on it. Done! Under an hour, and it's delicious. Nothing fancy, but at least it's something to eat.


All8 said...

Sounds great. I have a "Savory Yogurt Chicken" recipe, it's pretty good. But it definitely takes more work.

Jill said...

You don't think that's fancy?....Mac and Cheese isn't fancy! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I've never cooked "green french fries" that way. I'll have to try it.

Claire said...

Not only that, but it makes my cheeks slough so I wipe on the inside of my cheek, and my tissue comes off. Everyone in my dental hygiene class hates it too.

Claire said...

Also, that broiled asparagus you make is some yummy stuff.

Amy said...

Thanks for the great chicken recipe! I can't wait to try out another use for my newfound homemade yogurt :)