Friday, March 7, 2008


Here's something that needs to be chucked--bandeau swim tops for women. I will not link to a picture of them because: naughty, and also: UNFLATTERING. My reaction to seeing a woman--a model, even--wearing a bandeau top was, "Wow. That is not a good look for her." I hate them INTENSELY.

Also: our local school district is totally insane, and has suspended a teacher because the students in his class accidentally scraped up some loose tiles that MAY CONTAIN ASBESTOS. Why is it his fault that the district is too sloppy to protect the lambikins from the asbestos, that, judging from the aura of terror that surrounds it, has become sentient and composed a detailed map of students' homes, with the best vantage points for sniper attacks? We wonders, precious, we asks ourself, then why is the asbestos still in the classroom?

The other day my mom wondered how I got so eccentric, and compared me to a lady she knew who wanted to get all her fillings taken out, something to do with aliens, I guess. I've got to believe that it's partly my parents' fault that I have become a hippie-libertarian-feminist-conspiracy theorist-puritanical scold. Right? Either that or they should never have taught me to read.


All8 said...

Spot on about the "swimming" tops. But living here, where it gets hot and humid, I have to add tube tops, too low/too short tank tops, bras hanging out of any of the afore mentioned objects, but I'd take the bras any day over uncorralled, undulating breasts beating the hapless women senseless. UGH!!!!! When did "comfort" take precedence over just plain good taste and common sense.

That is insane about the teacher. Since when is the teacher responsible over what tiles are installed in the school. Sounds like C.Y.A. to me. The teacher's a scapegoat.

DH will be thrilled to know that there are more Libertarians out there. ;D