Wednesday, March 5, 2008

shut up, stupid eloi

I'm a little annoyed right now. I have had some business dealings with a group of people who are rubbing me the wrong way. You know when you meet someone, and he/she starts right off talking about Our Sexist Patriarchal Society, or It's So Difficult Having Gifted Children, or Our Gentrified Neighborhood Is Just So Authentic, or Did I Mention The New Thought Paradigm I Developed, or Others Feel Threatened By My Abilities, or It's Actually Pronounced Kah-Rah-TAY, and your hitting fist starts to itch a little bit? And you want to tell them to stop cluttering up your life with their uselessness? That's how I feel dealing with these people. Any one of their quirks taken singly would be just that, but together they need to shut their gobs.

*addendum: These are all discussions I'm perfectly willing to have, and I've certainly been guilty of behaving this way myself, but it's like, settle down, already! I promise that people will think you're smart if you just quit telling us you are.


All8 said...

Hand out sticky popcorn balls. They'll be so busy chewing and picking it our of their teeth, you might get a word in edgewise. ;D