Monday, March 24, 2008

sometimes we are responsible

It's been spring break around here, so I've had to keep our little varmints very busy. We organized and (sort-of) dejunked the toy room on Friday, since our workmen were having a lot of difficulty getting past the piles of broken junk on their way to work on the bathroom.

On Saturday we worked so hard you wouldn't have recognized us. Like, as hard as my parents would work if they got the flu really bad, that's how hard we worked.

Today the boys are on toy room duty again. What? you ask. Didn't they just do that on Friday? Well, yes, but as any experienced parent knows, that just gives them license to mess it up again, and it's really a lot like living with slugs, because my children leave a slime trail behind them wherever they go.

Here are the things we did on Saturday (our camera is gasping its last, so apologies for the poor quality):

We trimmed the goats' hooves and gave them their CD&T booster shots that they get once a year. On the stand is Finola, who is a little bit my favorite, even though she's the most demanding.

I planted a bed of lettuce and spinach. I have great hopes for this method, because planting greens in rows is a sucky job.

The chickens got some free time, because we were cleaning out the nasty chicken coop. Normally we don't let them out too much around this time, because they try to dig up all our plants. We had to put the kids on chicken patrol to keep them out of the garden.

Here is our brand-fresh chicken coop. I had to put that soap bucket in the corner, because the chickens really like laying their eggs there for some reason, and it's really hard to reach them.

Now our only major outside jobs are getting the kidding pen ready and buying/building a milking parlor. No sweat. I hear that every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven, so . . .


All8 said...

Slugs!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Want some more?

Planting lettuce in a wide row works great. If you trim your lettuce, leaving about 1/2 to 1 inch in the ground, it will regrow. If you put a shade cloth over the lettuce bed you may get a little longer out of each sowing. Or you can just plant a new swath every 2 weeks or so, to keep you in fresh veg.

I'm not sure about trimming the spinach that way. I think that you may need to harvest the outer leaves first and then work your way in.

Your coop looks great! Chickens do funny things. I sure miss our Buff Orpingtons, wonderfully calm, beautiful birds. (Tasty too.) We always let our chickens run amok during the day. But they usually stuck to the pasture, unless we were harvesting and freezing sweet corn. They would peck each and every kernel. Really an amazing feat when you consider the size of their brains. They loved the grasshoppers and such too. In the spring they helped keep the pasture down by eating the weeds and grass popping up.

All8 said...

Um, sorry about the novel. Discussing chickens and gardening must make me do funny things too. :)

Matt and Emily said...

Wow, nice work. I feel better about my weekend now, knowing you guys did enough work for us too, thanks.