Thursday, March 20, 2008

a yummy dinner for my undeserving children

We ate a colorful meal today. Roasted chicken with shallots and garlic, stuffing, carrots and broccoflower, which tastes just like you think it will. We loved it. The chickens were already cut up and cost about $4 apiece on Manager's Special, which usually means This Is Poisonous Now, But Knock Yourself Out, Cheeseparing Skinflint, but in this case meant Take Advantage Of Our Markdown Zealotry.
Are you done taking the picture yet? Can we eat now?

pipes in the ghetto bathroom

ghetto shower

We've had some work done on the bathroom, finally. It's time to go buy the sink base and paint the floor so when (heaven forbid, but I'm fully anticipating this) our darling sons urinate on the floor we'll have an easier time cleaning it up and it won't smell like Crazy Bill's house. You think I'm making him up, but not so. He lived with rabbits. Hundreds of them, with free reign of the house. Jealous much?


Jill said...

That looks really good! I made chicken tonight too, via Harmons pre-made rosemary chicken...(Rosemary chicken always reminds me of your "Table Christening" dinner) You should always post your meals so I can get some good ideas on what to make.

All8 said...

Just look at that little face. Pleading, feed me momma. Food looks great, Layne.

All of the male species baptize the floor on a regular basis. It may not be intentional, it may just be to see if mom's paying attention. That's why I want the toilet that comes straight out of the wall, so that you can mop the floor without trying to mop around the toilet base bolted to the floor. It'd be a bugger if you ever had to work on the plumbing though. You'd need an easy access panel and that would be a trial to keep clean around a toilet. Outhouse anyone? Or maybe a tree in need of nitrogen. ;D

Nate, Claire & Norah said...

Layne, Crazy Bill had hundreds of cats, not rabbits. Don't you remember? Your dinner looks very delicious and healthy, but I was wondering, did you stuff the chicken with carrots and broccoli or did you just eat those seperately?

Layne said...

I thought it was rabbits AND cats. We'll have to ask around.

We cooked the carrots and broccoflower separately--I think they would be gross inside the chicken.

I forgot that there was also French bread. Even thought they were all SO BAD yesterday.