Tuesday, April 22, 2008

almost there . . . just a few more babies . . .

new mom Finola

Success! Finola kidded triplets this morning, and so far all of them are alive, and I've seen all three of them eating. One of them seems a little weak, but Finola isn't rejecting him or anything. She has the smallest milk output, so I hope she'll be able to keep up with all three babies. The two boys have creased ears, so they needed splints. They look hilarious.

I had to use gaffer tape, because for some reason all our masking tape is gone AGAIN.

I'm always amazed by how precocious goats are. Hours after being born they're up and walking, sometimes running around. Now we only have Catwoman to go, and we'll be done with Kidding 2008.

Also the feral mama cat from last spring has had a litter of babies in the garage, of course. Now I have to figure out what to do with that mess. I don't mind if she hangs around, because I'll bet she's a better mouser than Lazypants Skiver, but she can't be adding a bunch more wild babies to the world.
This is right after she hissed at me, and right before she hissed at me again. Stupid cat.

I made the no-knead bread that All8 recommended--it turned out great, and I finally got to use the Dutch oven I gave John for his birthday years ago, fool-fashion. I didn't want to use my huge French oven, because I thought I'd get better results with this smaller one. It's from the time before Lodge Logic, so I had to season it myself, and I did a bang-up job, if I say so myself. John said, "Can we just call it your Dutch oven?" Because we all know he's never going to use it. Never.
crispety crunchety

We didn't do any disbudding last night, because one thing led to another, and well, we ran out of time. Hopefully we'll get to it tonight after our shopping trip.


Jill said...

You guys have baby goats coming out of your splinted ears! :-) The kittens are way cute. We might need to snag a few for our mice catching needs!

Layne said...


Jill said...

So, I just found out my girls got asked to come to call backs for the play. They were told to come prepared to sing "The lonley goatherd"...I think I will print all your pictures to inspire them!

All8 said...

Your bread looks GREAT!!! Did you like how it tastes? Too bad the momma kitty won't let you touch her or the babies. (I'm a sucker for babies.) Aren't you glad that it's the goats that have 3 babies at a time. Whew.

Matt and Emily said...

Aaahhhh, baby animals. Can we come and visit?

Claire said...

I think we need one of those kittens. We would like a friend for our nameless, neglected cat. The kitten would probably be a better mouse catcher, too.