Saturday, April 12, 2008

holy negligent animal husbandry, Batman!

It's good we have computers to tell us when our babies are due, because apparently we're just like those people who have no idea they're pregnant, go to use the bathroom in Walmart and end up having a baby right there in the toilet. We got home from a family cookout this afternoon, and bang, there on the ground were four brand new babies. I was out there for a couple of hours right before we left, checking out all the ladies, and not a one of them seemed about to go into labor. But here were Edna and Tilde with a set of twins each. Crazy. So we had a busy evening tying, cutting and dipping navels and making sure everyone was bonding properly. I can't decide whether or not to splint Tilde's twins' ears, because it's a hassle, and they're not going to be pets or anything. Traci's little boy still has wonky legs, and he walks on the sides of his hooves like my grandma. They all have fat tummies and seem to be eating fine, and as long as we don't get too close to Tilde the stupid idiot, she does great. But as soon as we try to get near her she runs away, often knocking over one of her kids in the process. She's going to get herself culled if she doesn't watch out.

Here are some gross and confusing pictures about what we have to do with a new baby goat.

Getting a length of dental floss to tie off the navel. The subject is ambivalent. Probably because he's not very cool with everybody on the internets being able to look at his junk.

Tie a square knot around the umbilical cord.

Then get your cutting tools, a rusty Leatherman in my case, and cut off the extra stuff.

Then dip it in iodine, and be sure to make a mess all over yourself, like I do.

All done and reunited with mom Edna.

There. Now you too can be an animal husband.


Courtney said...

Have I mentioned lately that you are my hero? Oh how comical it would be if I were in charge of such chores. And question: You mentioned the new goats may be headed for the "chop"? Haven't seen goat on any menus of late (aside from goat cheese which shouldn't be fatal to harvest) -so for those of us ignert city folk, can you please explain/expound? And I would love some home-made goat cheese for my birthday this year. Thanks much.

Jill said...

That is so crazy! I hope I can deliver in two hours. I would like it if Mike came home and plop...there on the couch was our baby! I will refer to your blog as to how to care for the cord and ears...I think we will clip them for sure. lol

All8 said...

Isn't that always the way?! Can't do their business when it's convenient, but at least it wasn't 3 am. Spring! Spring! Spring!!

Layne said...

Courtney--goat meat is sometimes served as lamb, or can be found under other names like chevon or cabrito. Bambara, here in Salt Lake, had it on the menu until a couple of years ago, they said. I think Utah is a little behind the times, and they weren't ready for it.