Wednesday, April 23, 2008

it never rains but it pours

Who's tired? (yawns and raises hand) I am. Since my last post, here's what has happened:

lunchtime: Reheated pasta for my children, which they refused to eat, choosing to starve instead.

early afternoon: Saw that Vilda (our wonderful neighbor across the street, widow of TD, who was in the car of which the horse came through the windshield, if you remember) was getting ready to cross the street, so the children and I went over to escort her across. Vilda came to see the progress on our bathroom and to see the goats. We had a lovely chat, then when we were crossing the bridge she lost her balance and FELL INTO THE DITCH. I tried to catch her, but I was unable to, because I was holding the baby. So I hurried and put the baby down on the grass and ran over to help Vilda out of the ditch, and all I could think was "This is how the end started for TD, because he fell and Vilda couldn't get him up, and he got pneumonia, and was never the same." She didn't break anything, but of course she was terribly embarrassed, and so was I, and she'll probably hole up in her house and never come out again.

mid-afternoon: Saw that Finola was refusing to feed one of her kids--the one who had seemed weak--and I realized that he was starving. So I called John about 19 times and my mom about 10, trying to get advice on what I should do with this starving baby whose mother, despite my vigorous efforts, was rejecting him. Finally my mom called me back and remembered out of the blue clear sky that we had frozen goat milk from last year when Violet was on antibiotics. So I heated some of it up and fed it to him, and he drank 4 oz. in about 30 seconds.

late afternoon/early evening: Talked to my dad, who said that I probably didn't need to take the goat to Ogden with me, but I had better keep a close eye on him in case Finola continued to refuse him. Went to Ogden and looked around for a milking parlor solution, ate dinner, then bought some groceries at Costco, milk at Johnny's Dairy, then came home.

evening: Fed the baby, helped John put the kids to bed, then fed the baby goat again, who it was apparent hadn't eaten anything while we were gone.

10:00: So we would have enough milk for the baby, I milked Traci, who **WARNING: INDELICATE LANGUAGE AHEAD** has really large teats, like, I have to sort of fold them in half lengthwise to milk her, and the orifice is really tiny, so barely any milk comes out and it takes FOREVER to milk her. And did I mention that she kicked the bucket and got milk all over the place?

2:30 in the morning: Fed the baby goat.

6:30: Got up and started this day, which so far has caused me to take leave of my senses. We are getting rain, so that's nice, but goat and church and Scouting and school and home events have conspired to make me have 57 varieties of nervous breakdown. I don't do well when I don't get at least 8 hours of sleep, and I don't think I handle stress well. If even one thing goes wrong, it's like, "Well, THIS day is all shot to crap!" and everything on top of that brings me ever closer to a psychotic break.

I know my life is awesome, and I've got some serious chutzpah to even complain, but I'm going to do it anyway. Because it's my right--nay, duty--as an American!

ITEM OF BUSINESS: Go over to Jenny's blog and get the ice cream recipes. Can you see that I am serious?



i'm having a nervous breakdown reading about your days...i don't know how u do it all...go girl...hope u have a better day i mean week...month, year! have fun


p.s. we really enjoy your blogs...i have passed them on to amber and cara

Jenny said...

You are really quite amazing that you even got up to feed the goat. Somedays do just go to crap. Today's a day like that for me- for different reasons. Here's to hoping tomorrow is better and that we get some warm sunshine. It's snowing right now, which doesn't help my spirits. Good Luck! And thanks for talking up the ice cream. Maybe a batch of that would make you feel better!

Jill said...

Poor baby goat. I hope his mom will come to her senses. How great of you to step in. Careful though, if you take care of this "runt" you may become attatched. :-)

All8 said...

I hope that this finds your new day much better and your new little one healthy. I don't do well on too little sleep either.

All8 said...

I didn't have the opportunity to watch the show, but on Friday, Martha had a guy come and make goat milk soap. There's a recipe too. Here's the page from Martha, . And here's the home page for the guy,

highdeekay said...

Eight hours is definitely a necessity for sanity for me too! Baby has decided otherwise though. Yeah, days do go to crap at times! Nonetheless, you are an amazing woman and I am quite in awe of all you do.

Nate, Claire & Norah said...

you sound stressed! i wish i could help you.