Tuesday, April 15, 2008

new moms need lojack

Tilde's babies taking a load off

Edna is a good mom, but not a terribly clever mom. She keeps losing track of her babies, and wanders forlornly around the pen bleating for them, wondering where in the world they can be, and the answer is usually a)in the hutch where she left them or b)following her. So tonight when I brought all the babies out to play with each other, there were some problems. Edna's and Tilde's kids are the same age, and the girls look almost identical to each other--Tilde's daughter has a little more white on her face--and with all the little red and white bodies jumping around Edna and Tilde were freaking out. They kept sniffing babies and butting them over and over, because as soon as they'd find their own kid it would run off and get mixed up with the group again. Goat moms don't like other babies anywhere near them. Then I realized that I didn't know which baby girl was which, so I had to do some of that trying to carry a fox, a goose and a sack of corn across the river stuff, only it was trying to find out which of these identical goats goes with which mom, even though the moms keep losing track, too.

Then Edna's daughter snuck out through the fence panel and Edna got the vapors about it.
baby on the wrong side of the fence

The neighbors who lent us their buck think they want one of our girl babies, since they've discovered that they like having their own milk and cheese. So I'm trying to socialize them really well, to make sure they'll behave. The goats, that is.


Jill said...

What a fun spring the Huff family must be having! My girls would LOVE to have cute baby goats in our back yard. They really are so cute. I am learing more about goats from you then I have ever known!

All8 said...

Baby goats are always so cute. I hope that the mommas figure out which is which, before they get too worked up about it.