Wednesday, April 2, 2008

on grocery shopping

Did you know that Smith's gives you a rebate for using your own bags? Neat, huh? I got 10 cents today, because I had two bags' worth of groceries. Good for them.

I fear that too much of my self-worth depends upon the contents of my grocery cart. I am a snob, and I'll admit (only somewhat shamefacedly) that I sometimes compare my groceries to those of my fellow patrons, and I sort of feel smug and self-satisfied. But I am a bad person, so that's what one would expect. And how hideous is it that I derive confidence from grocery choice? That's what I do here, is overshare. You're welcome.

However. I think it's not necessarily a bad thing to look around at other people's groceries, and see if they translate to appearance or behavior. Do skinny people always have healthy stuff in their cart? Do obese people only have Funyuns and Hostess Pudding Pies in theirs? I wonder. I know they sometimes do, because I've seen it, but I've also seen some skinny people with junk food in their carts. Lucky stiffs. It reminds me of when you see those great headlines about how a bunch of people lost 18 pounds or some crazy number by just not drinking pop with every meal. And it's like, what about those of us who already eat healthy (or healthfully, as those idiots at Cooking Light want us to say)? What are we supposed to do? And that, in turn, reminds me: Oh. Portion control. Because I didn't get into my 5 year old pants by doing everything the same.