Friday, April 11, 2008

sound of trumpets

Well, in true goat fashion Traci kidded sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning, without letting any of us know what she was up to. I went out this morning and heard a little "maaaaa" sound, and there was our first goat baby of 2008! He was nice and dry, his ears were flat, and his tummy feels full. He has Boer coloring and is a handsome devil. Although, his front feet seem a little wonky, and I suspect it has something to do with his sire, since our neighbors have also had baby goats with leg problems sired by the same buck. We're not naming any of the babies this year, since they're all bound for the chop, or someone else's house, at least. Sad. Also yummy.

Last weekend we made strawberry jam at my mom's house, since 'tis the season. We got 50 1/2 pints to divide among my two sisters and myself, and it's nice to have it done for another year. That's the way to do it, too, because all that cleaning, chopping and stirring wears on a person after a few hours. Even though John is a great family canning assistant, I'd still probably choose to have my mom and sisters help.

Bowls of berries with the pectin in them that need to be stirred every five minutes.

Some Jamfest 2008 participants.


Jill said...

Such a cute little goat! I am glad you only eat them once they turn ugly. :-) I love Strawberry jam! I think I will make some with my kids this week...unless you could send Jon down to be my assistant. lol Or better yet, you can come and help...bring the goat.


i guess i'm old fashioned...i like strawberry jam...on pancakes!!whatever...ww

All8 said...

What a sweet baby. Good job on the jam. Can't wait for our strawberries to start producing!!!

Amy said...

The goats . . . sad . . . also yummy! Reminds me of the time when my daughter was 3-years-old and while eating some salmon looked up at me and said, "Mom, did this fish's spirit go to heaven." Me: "Ummmm . . . yeah, maybe?" Then, I looked at her anxiously wondering if this was the moment she would become a vegetarian. Instead she enthusiastically said, "I sure love fish!" And, dug right in.