Thursday, April 17, 2008

these seeds are making me angry

I can't say for certain yet, but I think that my peas aren't growing very well. They seem very sparsely populated. The carrots have yet to make an appearance--I'm looking at YOU, seed tape--and I'm feeling pretty ticked about the whole thing. I've never had an unsuccessful garden--at least not at this point. It usually goes way south in the summer when I'm too busy/lazy to weed and water, but I always have good peas. Stupid seeds. I don't have time for this nonsense. In case you haven't noticed, GARDEN, we have actual live people and animals depending on us, and we can't be enablers of your embarrassing clinginess. I've amended the soil with ruminant feces and watered you faithfully, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? At least the spinach and lettuce are doing well, as is the rhubarb. The five kale plants I transplanted are just sort of sitting there, but I think they're still alive. They look alive, anyway. But I'm telling you, this had better get itself correct.

Superman helped me plant the three rhubarb plants (I figure since I always kill the rhubarb--see above re: busy/lazy--this time I'd really go out with a bang and kill three plants at once), and I had a lengthy discussion with him about not eating the leaves of the rhubarb, because of the not-yummy poison in them. I also made him tell his brothers, to help it sink in. But since my children like to eat cat food* and toilet paper**, it's anybody's guess as to the effectiveness of my speech.

*I am not making this up. The Hulk used to sneak into my parents' shed and fill the pockets of his Sunday shirt with cat food to eat during church. So he wants a glossy coat, is that a crime?

**Also not made up.


All8 said...

When I plant carrots, I water the row well and then cover with a board. It keeps the soil moist and uncrusted until the seedling emerge. You'll need to check for emergence though because they just don't seem to like trying to grow with the board on top of them. Go figure.

I planted two different varieties of peas this spring and the youngest seed is doing much better than the oldest. I have a raised bed and it's mulched with leaves from this past fall. I say replant. Peas can rot if they're too wet or freeze and rot if the soil isn't at least 45*F. Good luck!!

All8 said...

Oh, I almost forgot. Just barely cover you carrots seed.

Layne said...