Thursday, April 3, 2008

in which I nag some people and entities

I told you! I told you that biofuel was not a panacea! (Not here on the blog, true, but I have been saying it.) Now instead of digging into the ground and putting up giant ugly oil derricks, we're chopping down all the trees in the world to plant corn and only corn, so food prices are skyrocketing, and it's just trading one evil for another. Why do we insist on scorched earth behavior?

What is Russia's problem? I could go on, but I would only expose my ignorance about the greater themes at play in this situation, so I will just say that Putin is a scary dude. And one can assume that Medvedev is too, or Putin wouldn't have chosen him as his successor.

I think I agree that boycotting the Olympics might be a good idea, not because it will change anything, because of course it won't, but because it's a way to say that we don't condone the Chinese government's thoroughly crappy treatment of its citizenry. I'm mad at China about other things, too, but I think I've covered the feeding-plastic-to-pigs and making-toys-out-of-lead problems in previous posts.

I think you can blame what is currently happening to our economy entirely upon people trying to circumvent the law of the harvest.

It's been a bossy couple of days around here, and I apologize. When I return, I will tell the story of Finola's Disastrous Milking.


Amy said...

Definitely disagree with many, oh so MANY things going on in China. Not the least of which, the way they may be single handedly destroying clean air forever. But, I wouldn't go so far as to say "boycott the Olympics." I think it would do no good and only punish athletes who have worked hard and harm relations. Frustrating for sure, but this is not the answer.

Layne said...

Maybe a hella big demonstration? Maybe what should have happened is the IOC, paragon of virtue that it is, should have said that Beijing had no chance of getting the Olympics until they cleared up their little problem with violating everyone's human rights, always. It's like they're North Korea's bigger, and therefore respected, brother. Their behavior doesn't seem too different.

All8 said...

Our governor made it mandatory to use 10% ethanol in the gas. You know to "support" the farmers. One of the problems is that ethanol creates more pollution. Kansas City has asked for the pollution laws to be waived so that they can follow the other law of using Ethanol. Somebody sure didn't think this through.

Courtney said...

Don't even get me started on Ethanol, or faux global warming, or China getting the Olympics. I agree a boycott will only hurt the athletes at this point - but they should have never got the Olympics in the first place. Rather than hoping the Olympics would help push China in the right direction (human rights, etc.), it should have been a REWARD for them changing. Just heard a guy from Berma on talk radio the other day that had many a sad tale about the Chinese Regime. Lest we forget because they are making 85% of the goods we use - they are still COMMUNIST China.