Tuesday, April 29, 2008

why cats love goats

I think Skiver anticipates milking season as eagerly as I do. When I milk, the first few squirts from each teat go into a little metal cup with a screened lid, called a strip cup. It helps you see immediately if there are serious problems with the milk--stringy milk would catch on the screen, and be a good indicator that the doe has mastitis. Also this is the milk that has been sitting down in the teat, rather than up in the udder, so it's not something that we really want to drink. So the cat gets the contents of the strip cup, and when he sees me start to make the udder wash/teat dip and get my supplies, he knows what's going on. He starts meowing insistently, and doesn't quit until he has a saucer of goat milk. Not that he needs it, the big tub of guts. Skiver is bigger than the goat kids for a few weeks, and it's funny to see him wandering around the goat pen like he's one of the guys.

Last night we disbudded Edna's and Tilde's babies. It was a demonstration for FHE, because when we did Tenacious D the kids were in bed, right by the patio, and we saw them looking out the window and being traumatized by all the burning hair and screaming. So we wanted them to see that the goats hated it for a minute, but they recuperate quickly and even forgive us eventually. I think I did a better job this time, because I tried to rotate the disbudding iron more slowly, to allow it to burn better the first time around, so we wouldn't have to re-do any spots.

I like that the price of rice has skyrocketed, for no other reason than because all of a sudden there's a huge demand for it. No shortage. No failed crops. The High Priest Group Leader was ticked on Sunday because he bought some rice for something like twice what it usually costs. They asked him why he didn't just wait until it all blows over, and he said, "'Cause I like rice! I could eat rice every day. I keep asking my wife to get it, and she won't, so finally I bought some because I'm out!"


All8 said...

Lucky kitty.

Jill said...

What a kind farmer to share with the cats. :-) I still just hurt for the goats when I think of the burning process! I know it's for their own good, but OWIE!!! I guess now that the kids have seen the horror, you could use the process as a threat...."If you keep leaving your shoes in front of the door SO HELP ME, I'll get that disbudding iron!" lol

Jill said...'s another one...

"I'll disbud you into next Tuesday!"....ok, I'm done.