Thursday, May 8, 2008

the birds we see

We have some Mourning Doves that have moved into the spruce tree on the north side of the house. I love how they sound. There were some that lived in the spruce tree on the south side of my parents' house, so it makes me feel all nostalgiclike.

Also, we have a couple of what I think are Western Meadowlarks that nest somewhere in our yard. They like to sit in the hideous gumdrop junipers and tell us how pretty our town is with their distinctive sound. I got a jank picture of one of them this morning as it roosted in our Shogetsu Flowering Cherry.

The bird is perplexed as to why I would think my camera can zoom so far without a decrease in clarity.

Whenever we drive to Logan we nearly wreck from craning our necks to look at all the birds in the Benson Marshes. We see Red-winged and Yellow-headed Blackbirds, Canada Geese, various kinds of swimmy and wadey birds, pelicans, hawks, eagles, Sandhill Cranes, and occasionally a Great Blue Heron. Some others, too, but I'm probably just as bored typing the names as you are reading them. It's amazing how much is going on out there, and how much more you notice when you look. I am so grateful I took that Discovering Nature class in college. I think it should be required.


Jill said...

I love bird watching too. My dad had this handy little book we took with us everytime we went to the mountains that had pictures of different birds. We loved finding the birds in the trees and identifing them in our book. ( I am whistling right my head)

highdeekay said...

You so need to come visit us (you too Jill!). We have blue birds (bright blue wings beautiful red stomachs) and blue jays and wrens (one has built her nest - with 5 eggs - in the fern on our porch) and cardinals. I love the birds around here. Come! Come see the birds! :)

All8 said...

We have mourning doves in our neighborhood too. After everyone has gone to work, and it quiets down, I can sit out on the porch and listen to them. There are lots of Cardinals, which are fun to "talk" with.

Jill said...

See the birds....toppins a flight...toppins..toppins...toppins a fliigghtt! lol