Tuesday, May 27, 2008

cleaning the rathole

We cleaned out the basement last week, mostly anyway, and it looks sort of not like squatters live here. We have the vanity base for our bathroom sink, the cultured marble is done and looks great. A little more mudding and taping and sanding needs to be done to the bathroom wall, then we can paint, epoxy the floor, call the electrician, call the plumber, and then we will maybe have a functioning second bathroom! We'll be rich as Nazis.

Now we're buying storage for the family room, and I'm hoping to have room to set up a work table for the kids to use for art and school. Being organized is expensive, you guys! Even when you're using Ikea. But since we're basically high-functioning raccoons, we've got to have an easy system put in place, or we'll forever be wading through piles of clutter.

As with many marriages, John and I have different approaches to stuff retention/disposal. I like throwing everything away, and he likes hanging onto it. Like, last week I got rid of a monstrosity called Mr. Blobby, which he bought in England so long ago he doesn't know why he has it. It's a pink empty zip-up stomach with a head, arms and legs, and a face that makes him a shoo-in for the Mayor of Halloween Town.

We succumbed to Big Oil and fertilized our lawn tonight. I hate putting poison on the grass, but I would be telling a wicked lie if I said that I'm going to go around and physically dig out all the weeds, so we're adopting the philosophy that a healthy lawn will crowd out anything else. Once we get our sick, sick lawn in better shape we should be able to use all the mounds of nitrogen-heavy organic fertilizer (read: chicken poop) that are just sitting around our property.

So, advice: should we get a table for the basement family room for the kids to do homework and art projects on? I like having them around doing their stuff, but it seems that the mess breeds more mess and yet more mess until the entire dining room table and all the shelves and the buffet are all covered in it.


Jill said...

One thing about having the mess in sight is that it will get cleaned up...eventually.

All8 said...

Mr Blobby seems a little icky. As for junk, I'd rather get rid of it than reorganize constantly.

Amy said...

Oh, I so know about the saver husband. I'm the one who likes to throw everything away. Brian loves to have a two-car extra deep garage (which he vows we will never park cars in) and a giant storage/laundry room in the basement just so he can keep piling everything in!

Early in our marriage, I bought him a subscription to Sports Illustrated. He saved every single magazine! I asked why we couldn't (eventually) throw them out. He told me, "They will be worth money someday." I guess he was right -- someday in the very, very far distant future after I've stored and fretted over them for a lifetime. Needless to say, the subscription was not renewed.