Thursday, May 1, 2008

words of wisdom from the carpool

The other day John was discussing the Li'l Brudder situation with his carpool, and one of them (who is a sheep rancher) gave him some advice. You may have heard of farmers trying to trick ewes into taking in a rejected lamb by rubbing afterbirth all over it or draping it in the skin from a dead lamb, because if a ewe doesn't recognize or like the smell of a lamb, she'll refuse to feed it. So one of the things Jeff does, if he sees a ewe rejecting a lamb, is jam her nose full of Vicks Vaporub, so she can't smell anything. And the pressure in her udder becomes enough of an incentive that she gets a lot friendlier with the baby. Then by the time the Vaporub wears off, the baby is strong and smart enough that, as Jeff said, "They're pretty good at not getting kicked, and he'll figure out a way to eat before he starves or eats his front legs." But goats are devilish smart, smarter than sheep, I think you'd all agree, and I'm a little skeptical. Probably the way it would work with Finola is she would refuse to feed any of her babies until her udder detonated, showering us all in milky shrapnel.

However, I did see Li'l Brudder on tap yesterday morning, and he's been a little disinterested in the bottles, so I think Finola may have grudgingly accepted him. We'll pay close attention, but we're hoping to be out of a job.


Jenny said...

I just had to say thanks for the necklace comment. It was truly RAD and it made me laugh out loud. I think I'll go call my brother Jon!

All8 said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you.