Monday, May 19, 2008

you hush up, Dingus

Li'l Brudder and Baby Girl

Dingus Squatford

Feeding the triplets is going well, aside from some initial resistance from one of the boys. Li'l Brudder and Baby Girl are great, and now Dingus Squatford has figured out that he's not too good for a bottle. So that's a relief. I guess he doesn't like the taste of Front Leg, either.

Stupid Tilde Whom I Hate Much keeps getting her head caught in the fence. Also she has started sneaking up and biting us when our backs are turned. Which means . . . sing along with me if you know the words . . . she's going to be white packages soon! John says it's an interesting dichotomy that one goat we cry about and one goat we lick our lips about and count the days until her departure. But Finola didn't bite, wasn't stupid, and was generally a fantastic goat. Part of animal husbandry is the necessity of culling the herd, and it turns out that hateful animals are a lot easier to cull. So I guess I'm thankful to Tilde for making this easy on us.


All8 said...

Thank heavens they're eating. We had a bull calf that was so dumb his gene pool ended up in the freezer section too. We didn't eat my pet cow either.

Jill said...

They are all so cute. Your boys and girl will have such good memories of their childhood. Why do most farm kids turn out so well?