Friday, June 13, 2008

it was either do one thing well, or many things so terribly we should be institutionalized --guess which we chose?

bucks are de-bucked
lawn is hideous
garden is hideous
all vehicles except Big White do not run
baby kitten is chopped up in Charlie Tuna's motor
Dingus Squatford is the most annoying goat in the history of the world
weather is sublime
children have ceased barfing
kitchen floor causes rage fugue
house is so, so messy
laundry is not done
new bathroom is still not done
Pinga's birthday cake is cooking
no two people are not on fire
mommy needs to take a mental health day


Nate, Claire & Norah said...

I'm sad to say I laughed like crazy when I read this post. You need to hire a maid, or me. I will come help you.

highdeekay said...

Ok, it is so, so good for me to hear that you really can't do it all (at least not constantly). Sometimes I compare myself to you (foolishly, shamefully) and think, "Self, you have one child! one! you have no animal husbandry duties! your house isn't torn apart - just needs some painting! you have five plants that you call a garden! Why can't you do that miniscule amount of stuff when Layne does ALL she does?" It is a relief to know that you aren't completely perfect yet.