Tuesday, June 3, 2008

we had an agreement, the stair carpet and I

So says John. But! I had no such agreement with said stair carpet, so up it has come, at least partly. And can we talk for a minute about the mankyness that lies beneath? This is why I hate carpet, you guys. Detritus left from decades of ineffective vacuuming and carpet cleaning, moldy tack strip, rusty staples. Blech.

I have reached--nay, passed--the end of my tether with this kitchen floor, because I CAN. NOT. get up the tarpaper in the mud room. I moved the washer and dryer and found this:

I really, really cannot tell you how done with this floor I am. I can't scrape up the tarpaper because the wood underneath was unsanded, so I just scrape up all the wood along with the gunk. HATES IT PRECIOUS!

So yesterday, having reached the limits of my strength and sanity, I visited a business in Logan that carries Marmoleum, and arranged for an estimator to come and tell me how many years I will have to be a serf in order to pay them to take away my floor troubles. Which brings me to my advice-seeking. I am trying to decide what sort of pattern to put on the floor, because I don't want just all one color. Here are some options (pardon my Homo Erectus-level graphics, but it's all I've got):
checks of avocado green and cream

same basic design, but with a few dark red checks here and there

And I figure, we may as well just rip up the horrible (yes, John, it is horrible) stair carpet and get it linoleumed at the same time.

The stairs stretch before me, as does the backbreaking project of redoing them.

I want opinions from all of you, and I will probably put a poll with the choices. VOTE OR DIE. Or not. I'm breezy.


highdeekay said...

I really love the one with red. I'm always a little chicken to get that committed to a color scheme for high-cost things. (me, commitment-phobe?) Anyway, I tend to use color in my accessories because they can be easily switched out. Having said that, I WISH I was more daring (and I'm more daring than my man) and think you should totally go for it!

All8 said...

The red, but then it's one of my favorite colors. I would probably stick with something safe though, like black and white checked tiles. But I'm very traditional (read boring) in my decorating choices. I have a can of great pumpkinish colored paint still waiting. I would love to paint a whole wall red, but I haven't found the just perfect color yet. It's either too purple, to pink, too.....and then I'm afraid that it would end up looking too much like blood or just plain garish. Okay, enough of my woes. Maybe you should ask somebody more decisive, or not.

Jill said...

Not that this helps, but I really like them both! If you had a gun to my head and were forcing me to pick one...I would probably choose the one without red. I like the "fresh" look of two colors. Then you could do accent colors with other elements in the could choose red one year, and switch to yellow another year. If it's in the pretty much have to stick with that color forever...and ever...and ever...:-)


i like it with the color red in it and yes get the stairs done!!lookin good...i am having the same problem with my floor {not tar though thank goodness}only three layers of linoleum with TACK strips under it...go figure guess they worried the floor would take off


p.s. be daring color is great!! and it is only in a few squares i think it would look good in your kitchen

Amy said...

I vote that you rip out the offending wood and install more wood. Tongue in groove -- no pergo. But, if you are set on linoleum, I like the colors you chose. With or without the red to mix it up. The red is kind of fun, but I like just the green and cream too. It may prove to be more versatile in the long run. Good luck! Home renovation = nightmare :-(