Sunday, July 27, 2008

if only we could get the goats to mow the lawn

I'm re-reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, because I've run out of books and haven't had time to run to the library recently, because it's Family Reunion Season. I love that book so much. It reminded me that I have to retrench, you guys. I don't know how to fit in all the things I need to be doing, but next year cannot be like this. I think having only three pregnant mamas running around is going to help a little, but mainly I just need to get off my tuchus. As they say, when you don't know what to do, do the work in front of you.

I weeded my front flower garden this week, and it looks great. The wicked morning glory has been temporarily beaten back. There's a big gap where something died--I can't even remember what--and the Oregon Grape, Diablo Ninebark and Spiraea are all up in each others' business, so I'm going to have to transplant at least one of them, but mostly it looks beautiful. The Peaches n' Cream daylily is exploding with blossoms right now. Perennials are awesome. I love having a garden that just does its thing and all I have to do is maintenance, because heaven knows I have a hard enough time doing that. John and I are really good at starting projects, but the day-to-day grind is just a little beyond us.


All8 said...

If it makes you feel any better, you're so not alone. I can plan and dream with the best of them, but I can really get bogged down with the "enduring to the end" bit. Or if something shiny catches my eye. Or if I just get bored with it.....