Thursday, July 31, 2008

we take a long time to do very little

Some of what we did today:

went to Ogden to run errands
bought supplies to put doors on Pinga's kitchen cupboard
went to the fruit stand and bought a half bushel of apricots to dry for the winter
made tacos and grilled apricots for dinner
went to pack meeting (groan)
hauled hay
gave Catwoman a new collar
separated the babies
determined that Edna has a poor udder, and will therefore be escorted from the premises

I tried to find a black and white damask wallpaper to put on the back of the play cupboard, but it has to be special ordered, which, no thanks. I'll try to find some on these internets instead. John especially loves it, of course, when I cast aside any concern for the growing heap of unfolded laundry in our bedroom and instead buy supplies to make doors for a kitchen cupboard that Pinga won't even be interested in for years yet. Not that the laundry is solely my stewardship or anything, but we both get frustrated at just how poorly we manage our time and resources.

I have a santoku knife now! I loves it, precious. I haven't used it to cut potatoes yet, but it rocked on the eggplant tonight. I love knives, inordinately so. I want a nice, serrated bread/tomato knife now, and then maybe I'll be done with the conspicuous knife consumption. I blame it on growing up in a house that had not a single knife sharper than a trowel, and now I'm trying to remedy that glaring gap in my practical development as a hausfrau.