Monday, July 14, 2008

yet who would have thought the Harmons to have had so much cheese in him?

When we were at Wynton Marsalis on Friday night I pointed to one of the cheeses being eaten by the women in front of us, and said to John, "I wonder if that's Humboldt Fog?" And it totally was! We asked them after the concert. It has a pretty distinctive look, so it's not like I'm a medium or anything, but still. I've wanted to try that cheese for years, and they offered to get it out and let me sample it, but I felt glommy and after all, my mother's oft-repeated phrase of "Don't beg!" was still ringing in my ears. (Now I learn, now that I'm not being driven home by someone with a broken ankle, pestering him to let us stop and get a hot dog.)

Saturday night we were driving home and were able to get to Harmons before midnight, and I went in to see this crazy new cheese section that they have been advertising all over the place. It's really something. They have an array of cheeses you wouldn't believe from a grocery store. And they had Humboldt Fog, woohoo, and I also got some Taleggio and Mimolette and then some Parrano because I am a sucker for those little flavor crystals. Also they had figs in surprisingly good condition.

So yesterday we had a fruity and cheesy lunch. I'm the only one willing to eat much of the Humboldt Fog (It tastes a lot like a goat in the center, but the edge is soft and runny, and much milder. Sort of Brie-like, but yummier. The rind reminds me of watercress.), but all the other cheeses went over well. The kids especially like the Taleggio. Probably because it tastes like what those Laughing Cow cheeses are trying to be. Soft, buttery and mild. Very easy for kids to handle. I wish we had had some mascarpone to go with the figs, but I guess you can't have everything at once.


Jill said...

I am so glad that cheese touches you so! I want to eat more cheese now...I have lived a cheddar shelterd life and I'm ready to branch out....teach me wise one, which shall I try first?( I happen to live just a few blocks from Harmons)

Layne said...


We should do another dinner and have a cheese flight--I will bring the cheese.

All8 said...

Oh, the marvels of cheese. My tongue says yes, but my cholesterol screams NO. Who will win this battle? And will it sway the war?

I'm a total novice but I love Feta, freshly grated Parmesan or a nice sharp cheddar. Mmmmm, maybe some marinated artichoke hearts, olives, tomatoes, roasted vegies. It could be pizza, salad, or a grilled panini sandwich with crusty bread. Um, yeah, I think I'm hungry and definitely know what we're having for dinner now.