Saturday, August 9, 2008


You guys. Look at the time. I am awake at this unholy hour because John just got home, and there is a herd of mini bulls in our yard. They are eating our grass, I guess, and they are wandering out in the hay field. For being mini, they are still very big and scary. We can't find the camera to take a picture of them, but the police are out there right now trying to round them up.


highdeekay said...

ok, crazy about the mini-bulls but what the heck is John doing out so late? Were they recording ALL night? Silly boys.

Jill said...

What a good wife to wait up for John. I had to wait up for John to leave so I could go to bed! lol I actually zonked out on the couch...(which was John L bed for 1 hour before he had to get up to leave for the air port)..I moved before he got in though. lol

Oh, and that's crazy about the bulls...I hope they didn't trample any veggies, or distribute much fertilizer on the property.

All8 said...

Hope that it all ended well.

highdeekay said...


When Eden was recording (yeah, my 1 year old recording artist) I totally made the comment to Phil that long VM hours of recording weren't fair to you! Sorry that there is (apparently) a repeat of the sleepless-bedless night tonight.