Monday, August 11, 2008

product may stay: deodorant used on feet

Gentle readers, do not be alarmed. I promise this is a good idea.

John was talking to his esteemed brother Daniel the Podiatrist about his problem with his shoes getting all sweaty and smelly, and Daniel the Podiatrist recommended that he put deodorant on his feet after his shower, before he puts on his socks and shoes. Crazy, right? Only it totally works! I hated how my Chacos would get not-so-fresh, and tried this trick, and now they don't smell at all!

Actually, I guess what I mean is deodorant/anti-perspirant, because that's what we use. I don't know if a single-pronged attack of plain deodorant would work or not.


Matt and Emily said...

Good to know, good to know- especially cause I finally got me some chacos so now I'll know what to do.

Jill said...

Just FYI...I DID make those Rice crispy treats wrong. It didn't call for a cup of butter. It called for a cup of SUGAR....still tastey I guess. :-) BTW thanks for your nice compliment on my blog!..and thanks for sharing your yummy cheese with us! Who knew the world of cheese could be so facinating?

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course it's a good idea. We can use deodorant on our feet.