Friday, September 19, 2008

let's try being a citizen of america first

I'm going to complain about politics for a minute, because it's my blog and so far the Patriot Act doesn't forbid it.

I feel that America, and specifically its president, should be primarily concerned with being, good, kind, just, and decent because it is the right thing to do, not because we're concerned that we've lost standing in the eyes of the world. If the rest of the world happens to think better of us because we are good people, that's fine. But this argument I keep hearing that Obama's policies would help redeem us to everyone else, and using that as a reason to vote for him? That's garbage. Will Obama's policies help US? Will WE be a stronger, better nation because of them? That's the question that should be asked, not whether the cool kids will like us better if we . . . just . . . act . . . DIFFERENT, somehow.

Also, I am annoyed by the belief that politicians seem to have that, even in this age in which practically nothing goes unreported, they can say completely contradictory things, lie about their past, and it won't cause a problem for us. Perhaps it's because there is just so much noise from all points about pregnant daughters and the role of women in government and stolen identities and drug addiction and racist preachers that we really aren't able to catch them in their lies. But when you hired a private lobbying firm to get more federal funds in your town's coffers, don't turn around and say that when the government tried to give you money you refused and said "No, thank you."

I am disgusted by these people. Deceitful, arrogant despots-in-training, all of them.

And! And! Government-mandated charity is not good, it is redistribution of wealth. It is socialism. If you want to help the poor and needy, be generous with your own money and lead by example.


highdeekay said...

Oh Layne, I am so with you! I just feel so disheartened about the whole thing right now. I fluctuate between being most disgusted with the politicians, then the media, and then my fellow-citizens. We're in a mess and it isn't just the economic mess or the mess of the war. We are in a mess of morality/integrity and that is much more serious! I don't see either party/ticket helping us out of this mess. I just want some straight talk and I'm not getting it (especially from the Straight Talk Express, ironically). I'll write your name in if you'll write mine in. :)

Layne said...

It's a deal! Let's just hope that Eden and Pinga don't end up pregnant.

Sarah said...

Amen, sista'! No matter who wins in November, the American people lose.