Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sometimes I feel like a good mom

Like this past Saturday, for instance. Check out this menu:

  • whole wheat pancakes made from fresh ground flour and sweetened with honey instead of sugar
  • butter we made ourselves from shaking the cream that rose to the top of the . . .
  • raw milk
  • eggs from our happy chickens who still have their beaks and can walk around and flap their wings
  • real maple syrup
  • peaches from Sumida's fruit stand (the quality of their produce is superb)
  • Crenshaw melon from Sumida's
  • grapes from my parents' vines
The presentation in this picture is not what it could be, because I forgot to take a picture while it looked nice.

It's just breakfast, and it's just pancakes, which: not going to win me an award (although they should--they're Emily's recipe and are irresistible), but meals like that make me feel like I have a handle on at least one aspect of my life. There is an unrelenting barrage of noise and traffic that life brings, and sometimes I feel like I'm in real danger of losing my entire mind, don't you know? But cooking is a salve for and respite from that. I get to show my family I love them, teach them that real food tastes better, and calm down enough that I don't have to velcro them to the wall. And I think we can agree that is a good thing.

It looks a little bit like a cheese store threw up on our table.

On Tuesday we pretty much ate cheese for dinner. We ate a tomato salad with the mozzarella that Emily learned how to make on Saturday (she did a great job), sourdough toast from my nasty first batch of sourdough bread, peaches from Sumida's, and a crap-ton of cheese. I found two new kinds that I heart; Cana de Cabra and Midnight Moon.

Cana de Cabra is a soft goat's cheese that is a little like Humboldt Fog, smooth and creamy and mild.

Midnight Moon is my new boyfriend, although John may be vying for its attentions. It's very much like an aged gouda, sweet and tangy with flavor crystals.


Sarah said...

Yum, yum, and oh my stinkin' yum!! Seriously, you even made your own butter?! Nice.

Amy said...

I am so impressed with that breakfast. You totally inspire me. And, you do deserve an award. Great post!

highdeekay said...

ok, my friend and I were just talking about YOU today - you know the woman who makes uber-healthy meals from all-natural ingredients grown on her own micro-farm. Yeah, she was telling me about a "type" of person and I said, yeah, I know her. She's real! Then I told her to check out your blog. I knew you wouldn't let me down!

Layne said...

Well, there's a reason I did a post about it. I do my best, but that kind of meal--the kind where pretty much everything on the table is responsible--is not what happens every time. I wish it did, but, baby steps, you know.

corrie said...

I didn't Really believe her. Who makes their own cheese? - I thought.
Heidi was right! You do exsist and quite nicely. Fabulous.
Good job.
Me? I'm just glad Poptarts now have TWO whole grain options.

Matt and Emily said...

Yummy breakfast. I'm glad you love the pancake recipe cause... well... they are just so dang good. And thanks for teaching me how to make cheese- I got some rennet and citric acid last week so I think I'll make my first solo batch this weekend.