Monday, September 22, 2008

tree season

This weekend we bought some trees, and got two of them planted. Here's what we got:

Cottonless Cottonwood
Stella sweet cherry
Skyline Honeylocust
Autumn Blaze maple

The cottonwood is not a fancy tree, but they do grow wicked fast and get HUGE, so we'll be able to have shade before our grandchildren are dead. I'm excited to finally have a cherry tree. I love Honeylocusts, and the nasty wind snapped our last one, so we had to replace it. I bet the Honeylocust we planted at our old house is huge now. And the Autumn Blaze maple is supposed to be a good cultivar of the Red Maple--it's a cross of the Red Maple and the Silver Maple, so it tolerates alkaline soil without getting chlorotic, and is drought tolerant. I hope it will be a good tree--the fall color is supposed to be excellent. Dirr says mostly good things about it.

Also this weekend we finally ate the Moroccan chicken that I've been preparing for a month--that's how long it took to preserve the lemons, take a ten-day trip to California and back, buy the saffron, wait for the weekend so I could make it for more people than just John and me and our ungrateful children, and make the dish. Good times. It was yummy in my tummy.


highdeekay said...

Ok, you need to post the recipe for the chicken!

(showing my complete ignorance) is it best to plant trees in the early fall? Is the same thing true of shrubs?

Layne said...

Spring and fall are both good times, but I think fall is better here, because then they have the whole winter to settle in, and they don't get stressed out by the super hot, dry summer. I imagine Alabama isn't so bad.

Same with any plant. Summer is a little hard on them when it's hot and dry, but as long as you're careful to make sure they get enough water they should be fine. I plant tons of other stuff in spring, just not trees.

hevenstuff said...

We just planted our Autumn Blaze two weeks ago. We are excited about it. There are a number of them around the neighborhood and they are beautiful. The Honeylocust is next on our list, so it looks like we have some similar tastes.

Jill said...

Mike and I are wanting to plant some trees this fall too...(wouldn't John Denver be so proud of all of us?) We were thinking the Cottontree too...We are far to impatient!! I can't believe you spent so long on one dish. It takes all I have to open the can of Spaghettios and throw them in the microwave..ha ha.. Actually I NEVER make spaghettios..I think they taste like vomit. You really should post that recipe. :-)

Jill said...

I mean for the Chicken..not a vomit recipe

All8 said...

Love cherry trees myself. The maple sounds wonderful. Trees that "bloom" in the fall are wonderful. You'll have to post pictures when they're a little bigger. Post your recipe too. Mmmm...

Amy said...

The Cottonless Cottonwood sounds like the giant monster we have looming in our backyard. Love, love it for the shade. Don't love that several tree specialists have expressed concern that a large branch of it will someday crash down on our house. Also don't love the bids we've gotten on taking it down (all in the several thousands). It is so huge! After we've enjoyed all that shade for a few more years, we will cut it down and keep the trunk for a cool treehouse.

You just reminded me why I don't cook my own Middle Eastern food. Sounds yummy though!