Wednesday, September 17, 2008

well, I don't really like any of those things, but I like you

Last night we had lentil soup. It was way good. I've been wanting to make this recipe for about . . . let's see . . . four years now? The recipe calls for lentils du Puy, or French green lentils, and I wanted to see if they were really as good as people say. Well, good luck finding lentils du Puy. Supposedly they are available at hippie food stores, but no one told The Good Earth. It wasn't until we were in California last week that I finally found them at Whole Foods. Maybe the Whole Foods in Salt Lake has them, I've haven't been there yet, despite my fascination with grocery stores. So when I found them in the bulk foods in the Seal Beach Whole Foods, I loaded up.

The soup looks a lot like poop, but it tastes divine, and it's going in the rotation at our house. The French green lentils really are good. They're firm with soft, creamy insides and they burst in your mouth like tobiko--you know that part in Overboard where Goldie Hawn is explaining to her manservant how good caviar should be? They're like that.

I should say that Superman and The Hulk hate the lentil soup, but that surprises no one.


Amy said...

I love lentil soup. In fact, our whole family (surprisingly) loves it. But, I've never driven to Cali to get these special lentils. Sounds yummy.